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OASIS: First Wednesday in the month (Sep to June) lunchtime and evening soul space in St Cuthbert's

  • time to chill out
  • time to have a real lunch break
  • time to let you catch your breath
  • time to enjoy an oasis in the West End
  • time just to think
  • time maybe to catch God in a peaceful act of worship




2017 Dates:

Overall theme 2016/17: Meals with Jesus:

Sep 07: Dinner with Matthew
Oct 05: Eating Ripe Corn in the Fields
Nov 02: The Great Feast
Dec 07: The Wedding Party in Cana

04 Jan: No soul Space
01 Feb: Dinner with Peter's Mother-in-law
01 Mar: Breakfast on the Beach
05 Apr: Fasting or Feasting
12 Apr:
The Last Supper (Holy Week)
03 May: Evening Meal in Emmaus
07 Jun: Supper with Martha and Mary

Venue: The main sanctuary in St Cuthbert's
Time: 12.30pm - 2pm and 5pm - 7.30pm, with led reflections at 1pm and 7pm.

"Come when you can and leave when you must."
If you want to eat your sandwich in the Lammermuir lounge before 1pm, be our guest!
Beverages machine available.
If you want to chat in the Lammermuir lounge after 1.30pm, be our guest!
In short, be our guest, give yourself the lunch break you deserve, and enjoy!

And if you find you can't get to it at lunchtime, there will be more 'soul space' in the evening. The evening soul space is 'open house' between 5pm and 8pm, to allow people to come and go, as and when they please. There will be a few minutes of optional, quiet worship offered at 7pm and 8pm.

If you wish any further information do contact OASIS: or click here for a look at the website of St Cuthbert’s where you can also see photos of these candle-lit occasions.

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