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how to contact us

The OASIS team is spearheaded by:

Rev Charles Robertson

Assistant Minister of The Parish Church of St Cuthbert

We warmly invite you to be in contact with us.




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OASIS is a service of St Cuthbert's Church
into the business community:

St Cuthbert's: the kirk below the castle
Office: 229 1142

St Cuthbert's enjoys the support of the other
City Centre Churches in the Together Group:

St Andrew's & St George's West: in George Street
Office: 225 3847

St John's: at the corner of Princes Street
Office: 229 7565

The churches are often open for quiet reflection and hold lunchtime services, including communion. Ministers are available to discuss personal matters, or to talk about a baptism or wedding, or to conduct a service of thanksgiving.

And for a peaceful meeting space, you can try
St Cuthbert's Lammermuir lounge

The Parish Church of St Cuthbert
5 Lothian Road
Edinburgh EH1 2EP
office: 229 1142
e: info@oasisedinburgh.com