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OASIS is a non-profit organisation serving the business community and exploring connections between business and spirituality. The organisation is sponsored by the Parish Church of St Cuthbert and works in conjunction with St John's Church and St Andrew's and St George's West Church who form the ecumenical grouping 'Edinburgh City Centre Churches TOGETHER'.

OASIS works in partnership with business matters and Work Place Chaplaincy Scotland in an organised and mutually supportive way. While each organisation maintains its own distinctive mission, purpose, ethos and approach they work together to promote "well being" in the workplace by holding joint events. Last year the usual jointly sponsored Spring and Autumn events for the business community were on hold due to staffing changes. However, we plan that these will resume this year now that St Cuthbert's new Minister, the Rev Peter Sutton, and WPCS's new Chaplain to Edinburgh City Centre, Andrew Gregg, are in post. businesss matters too expect to have completed their reassessment following the loss of their Executive Director due to a significant drop in donations in the past financial year. Click here to read Peter's CV.

There are two soul space events in March within the overall theme for 2017/18 taken from Ecclesiastes 3:1 "To Everything there is a Season". On Wednesday 7 March when the reflection will be on 'Lent' and on Wednesday 28th March when the reflection will be on 'Holy Week'.

soul space has proved to be especially valued by several of those who work in local businesses. These occur on the 1st Wednesday of each month (except June, July, August and January) with the church open from 12.30pm - 2pm and from 5pm - 7pm with short led reflections at 1pm and 6pm. Click here for details.

On Maundy Thursday 29th March at lunch time - 12.45 to 1.30pm - St Cuthbert's host the Community Easter Service which is organised by OASIS in partnership with business matters and Work Place Chaplaincy Scotland. A light lunch is served after the service to which you are invited.

OASIS continues to regularly offer times of worship through the week when a few minutes peace and reflection in the beauty of St Cuthbert's is provided, notably at the Tuesday 1pm Healing Service.

OASIS now has a Facebook presence here. Please connect with us through Facebook to get more information about forthcoming events. OASIS has also set up a new web presence at http://www.st-cuthberts.net/oasis.php.

Peter is available to all in the business community (of any faith or none) who would want to talk with someone and is happy to Be There.

OASIS' partners are:

Work Place Chaplaincy Scotland: Andrew Gregg, City Centre Chaplain
Phone: 07934 737 691 or
Email: Andrew Gregg

business matters: Eric Smith, Consultant.
Phone: 07967 078 650 or
Email: Eric Smith


The Parish Church of St Cuthbert
5 Lothian Road
Edinburgh EH1 2EP
t: 0131 229 1142
f: 0131 221 0 899


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