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Do you work in Edinburgh's City Centre?

If you do we at OASIS may be of interest to you. OASIS is a service of St Cuthbert’s and the other city centre churches into the business community. Spearheaded by St Cuthbert's on Lothian Road, the kirk below the castle, this project started in the early 90's as the brainchild of a minister and a leading accountant.

OASIS comes to you in your world of work where you and other people invest so much time and energy.

So what do we do at OASIS? We offer a supportive presence to individuals of all faiths and none, to groups and to companies. We offer our professional services and make ourselves available as friends to any and everyone working in the area. Our mission is fivefold:

first, to listen and respond promptly to your suggestions for activities or requests for support;

second, to foster a sense of community in the often hectic, pressured world that is the business and office environment;

third,to be of personal assistance to people of all faiths and none, by being there for anyone who would like to talk to one of us;

fourth, to encourage everyone in the area – people with a church connection and people of other faiths and none - to understand and appreciate Christian values and to relate them to the workplace, this by addressing general "people issues", usually in lunchtime seminars;

fifth, to provide opportunities for spiritual exploration, this in eg our times of 'soul space'. Click here for details.

One day we may be helping someone going through a personal crisis. The next day we may be organising a speaker on maintaining good relationships at work. And the next day we may be planning the hotly contested annual Inter-Office Quiz night.

Whatever the issue and whatever your situation, we will be there for you. And if we don't know the answer, we may be able to refer you to someone who does. Needless to say, you can count on us to care and to observe confidentiality.

In the meantime, until we have the pleasure of meeting you, if the going gets tough, do remember you can take time out in the quiet atmosphere of St Cuthbert's, St John's or St Andrew's & St George's West. These churches and the services of OASIS are at your disposal.